Iuli Caroline Silva

Miss Generation 2021 - Finalist's Profile / Princess of the Year 2021

  • Candidate's No.
  • Age
  • City
  • Education
  • Current job
    Dancer/ Coach Samba / Teacher Samba and Makeup Artistic
  • Single / Married
  • Kids
  • Height (cm)
  • Hips (cm)
  • Waits (cm)
  • Chest (cm)

About yourself

I’m 27 years old, Brazilian girl.  A lot  of dreams and achievements i am hardworking and i love to smile. I like good friendships and being someone you can count on. dancing is my life where i go i dance this for sure and to a part of me that no one can take me

Why you applied for Miss Generation beauty pageant ?

A good opportunity to show my potential i believe in myself i can do it’s happen contests raise women’s high esteem

Interests. Plans for the future and your dreams ?

Show my samba and my culture to the whole world to be recognized for my talent and a beautiful family with my husband



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