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Applications for the 6th edition of the Miss Generation International 2025 contest will begin in the fall. However, we invite you today to like and follow our social media accounts:

On the screen

Miss Generation – “On the screen” is an innovative project for which work began in 2019, but unfortunately, had to be postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Miss Generation “On the screen” is a multi-platform project which aims to create the first-ever documentary, a kind of TV series or even a reality show, showing you the behind-the-scenes of a beauty pageant.

The project will be implemented PARALLEL to the Miss Generation competition, the final gala of which is scheduled for January 2023.

So …. lights, camera … ACTION.


Have you ever dreamed about the adventure of being on the stage, where the professionals take care of you: make-up artists, stylists, hairdressers, photographers, choreographers, and, the media.

We all have have different dreams. The phrase, ”it’s never too late” comes to mind. Perhaps you’re looking for a new motivation by saying, “Yes, it’s my time. Now and here!”

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