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Miss Generation 2021 - Finalist's Profile / Miss Generation 2021

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    Bachelor of science degree in psychology and neuroscience, Harvard University
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    Fashion Model & Uk Charity Chairperson
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About yourself

Hello everyone! My name is Rosemary! Born and raised in Great Britain in the beautiful capital city of ‘London’. I am a Model, Former Beauty Queen ‘Title holder’, Former Debutante of Lady etiquette, a Psychology & Neuroscience Graduate, a UK Charity Chairperson, and a Government coat of arms awardee. For my Hobbies, I like to sing, Ballet dance, and write poems as a published poet. I studied at 3 different Universities, ‘University of London, Harvard University and Cambridge university of continuing education. Where I was selected to be featured on the Cambridge University website. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology and Neuroscience.  Alongside, gaining 5 diplomas such as In Dental Nursing and Jewellery making.  For my Voluntary service, I was awarded as A Charity chairperson for ladies of all Nation’s organisation, helping turn women survivors into leaders. I spend my free time help mentoring women who may need guidance. As a former Lady debutante, back in 2014, I was trained in waltz and polonaise dance for the opening ceremony of Billingsgate London’s Ball. My God mother taught me finishing school etiquette manners for modern ladies’ practices. This equipped me to be a well-rounded woman and gave me a passion for humanitarian causes. My Beauty pageant history has been ongoing since the age of 15, I was a finalist for Miss Universe Great Britain, and won titles such as Miss Earth Air, Miss worldwide international, Miss Great Britain Elite, Pure International Miss United Kingdom and many more.  I love spending time with family, most importantly, my 96-year-old grandma. She was a messenger in World War 2 at only 14, and it only feels natural to continue the family tradition in helping others whenever possible. My Unique Achievements, I was awarded a Government Coats of arms In Indonesia for my charity work representing the United Kingdom. Helping to ban the use of plastic packaging affecting our oceans and marine life worldwide. At University, I won my place 3 times as a student rep, helping improve the services of my year’s educational services and equipment. As for modelling, I was scouted at the age of 10 in China town to be a fashion model, I now have been modelling for 18 years in which I was awarded model of the year and Beauty Queen of the year few years back. Throughout my duration of my career, I have earnt altogether over 100 awards in Charity service, Modelling, shorts films and Beauty Pageants and education. For the future, my aspirations are to publish self-help books for women on etiquette and finishing school practices and helping women survivors become leaders. I hope to raise the vibration of women’s morals and core values to the finest degree of etiquette. I am excited to be a Miss Generation Finalist!

Why you applied for Miss Generation beauty pageant ?

I entered Miss Generation 2021 Beauty pageant. Because, I would love to not only have the chance to compete for the title, but also play an ambassadorial role, in my duties on the line up of the finals.  Raising awareness and promote the Miss Generation system is the front core of my priorities. I would love to help the system grow to new heights. I would love to educate women on how amazing this platform truly is, by offering free online workshops, not only for advertising Miss Generation brand, but to offer etiquette manner teachings to women who dreamed to learn finishing school practices. I have just these skills for that, to help raise women to be the best versions of themselves. Another reason why I entered because they accept women for who they are. In this system, you can compete in your later 20’s and over, also, you can be of any marital status and still be accepted. As I am soon to be married, finding a pageant system that would accept & celebrate women’s life choices was so important to me. To show women have freedom to be themselves. Miss Generation does just that, sending the message that is not too late to enter a beauty pageant despite whatever life choice you choose whether married or single. That is important to me that women over 25 and the age limit does not stunt their growth. They can still be a beautiful confident and empowered woman.  I believe all women of all ages can be celebrated in pageantry. Can still be giving a chance to fulfil their Beauty Pageant dreams. I feel this pageant aligns with my ethos in helping women become leaders.  If I were to give the chance to represent the title, I would commit one year and continue to raise the vibration of women through pageantry and etiquette training whilst growing the brand of Miss Generation. Looking back at my previous pageant and charitable experiences shows that I am 100% committed in all that I put my mind too.

Interests. Plans for the future and your dreams ?

I have a variety of interests, female focused charity work, The sciences, film, Modelling, singing, ballet dancing, travelling, and sightseeing. I love to sightsee whether that is a castle in England or a Beach or museum in another country. Travelling and learning is what enlightens me. In my free time I love to attend Art galleries, operas, ballets, races, musicals, and amazing tearooms & restaurants. I am captivated by the beautiful things in life. My future plan is to obtain my master’s degree, and to publish my self-help books on women on etiquette and finishing school practices, whilst helping women survivors become leaders through finishing school teachings. I hope to raise the vibration of women’s morals and core values to the finest degree of etiquette. My Dreams are to be the next Miss Generation title holder 2021 and start up my own etiquette manners online school teaching women to be the best version of themselves. I also hope to have a family of my own someday, as I didn’t have my mother growing up, I love to someday teach my own future daughter women leadership.



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