Ladies and gentlemen

We would like to make an offer for your company or product to appear as a sponsor of the Miss Generation 2024 competition, the final gala of which will be held 22nd of  June 2024  in London.

Miss Generation is an unprecedented event organized in the UK for the 5th time. It is a unique competition for women aged 25-55, which aims to restore their self-confidence. Rebuilding what they have lost or forgotten. Restoring femininity, self-confidence and dreams.

It is attended by women from all over the world, and the event attracts thousands of observers, celebrities and is followed by the media.

The statistics of visits to our websites and social media during the promotional period are in the hundreds of thousands, and the reloading of websites on which voting takes place in the millions. A huge commercial potential.

Last year, the main partner of Miss Generation was the Global Kidney Foundation, a foundation promoting the importance of transplants for our lives. We still cooperate with GKF so it is an ideal event and moment for your company to not only advertise yourself, show to a wider audience, but also support this great initiative.

It is a sponsorship and prestigious advertising that not everyone can boast of, and the potential amount spent on this purpose is fully tax deductible.

The Miss Generation team consists of people with many years of experience in the media, journalists, advertising and sound specialists, musicians, choreographers and dancers. There are also celebrities among us who know how to raise this event to a high level. The recruitment of candidates for the competition has practically been completed, and this year’s number of candidates exceeded our wildest expectations. In April 2024, official promotional and media activities will begin with the participation of the media, beautiful women and we hope your company.

We hope that our cooperation will bring satisfaction to both parties, and if you have any questions, we will be happy to meet you to be able to present our activities, offer, and to answer your questions. Especially for your convenience, we have created a few sample sponsorship / advertising packages, but if you have your own ideas, please feel free to inform us about it. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer of sponsorship / advertising packages.

We believe that the offers prepared by us meet the needs of most sponsors, but we are open to individual talks regarding packages and their value.