Tatevik Galstyan

Miss Generation 2022 - Finalist's Profile

  • Age
  • Nationality
  • Country of origin
  • Country of current living
  • City of living
  • Education and current job
    Linguistics: Master's degree of English philology and pedagogy
  • Single / Married
  • Kids
  • Height (cm)
  • Hips (cm)
  • Waist (cm)
  • Chest (cm)

About yourself

Hello πŸ™‚ I am Tatev, a positive woman with multiple talents. :)) I am a born writer, and I turned my passion into a profession; I work as a copywriter/content manager, and I’m also a poet, lyricist, singer-songwriter and producer. I’m a recording artist, the only Hip-Hop artist in Armenia. As a part of my writing passion, I also took screenwriting classes πŸ™‚

– I’m also a dancer; I take Afro dance classes, and I like almost all genres of dance. And I have also done some small scenes in TV series as an actress.
– I represented Armenia in Miss Europe Continental 2022 in Naples, Italy.
– I’m a huge fan of culture; I am obsessed with cultural diversity, I can feel at home in different parts of the world, I can resonate with different cultures and this, is a reason I consider myself a universal human being.
– I am both strong and ambitious, and sensitive and fragile.
– Peace is a priority for me.
– I don’t like settling for less than I deserve.

Why you applied for Miss Generation beauty pageant ?

As an artistic human being, it’s like a need for me to be surrounded by the world of beauty and culture. I get inspired and my heart is full every time I work in the field of fashion, music or any cultural project.

The 2nd reason is that I consider myself a beautiful woman – inside and out, all natural, gracious and real. I feel like the world needs to know women like me.

Interests. Plans for the future and your dreams ?

I am a woman of many dreams and goals.
– I want to upgrade my music career
– I want to work in fashion as a model
– I want to work as an actress
– I want to have my poetry book published
– I want to have my scenarios screened
– I want to explore this world as much as I can
– I want to have a healthy family


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