Priyanka Pal

Miss Generation 2022 - Finalist's Profile

  • Age
  • Nationality
  • Country of origin
  • Country of current living
  • City of living
  • Education and current job
    My last education was MA in Anthropology and now I enrolled in NABA Italy for MA in Visual Arts and Curatorial Studies.
  • Single / Married
  • Kids
  • Height (cm)
  • Hips (cm)
  • Waist (cm)
  • Chest (cm)

About yourself

I am still a student and 27 years young women. I like to enjoy every moment with everyone. I like people and their different cultures. I am so moderate students.beside study i like to do painting, potrait and singing. I did diploma in fine arts and now i join NABA Italy for making career in this field. I can sing song and recently I completed my Western Vocals short course in online. In my country I was crowned for my state and city represent. I looking further to myself a independent and prestigious women .

Why you applied for Miss Generation beauty pageant ?

I want to stand in a big platform to start my modeling career and i see Miss Generation is one of them . Here have no height requirements and age which is most important of pageant shows. Miss Generation over this boundaries and I like it. I beleive height, weight ,age and color can’t dominant a woman’s dreams to grow up in her life. All women are beautiful and all are God’s best creations. I am very happy that Miss Generation help those women who try to catch their dreams. This is the reason I applied to Miss Generation.

Interests. Plans for the future and your dreams ?

My interest to show my talent which God gift me. I want to make my own identity and social influencer. Born as an women is not a easy I want to influence all women by my work. To be famous is not my aim but my messages goes to all is my aim. People listen to me then, when I do something big achievements. Although in future I want to make an platform where people show their talents. There are many talents are dominated by pressure of social- Economy , family and others. I want help them to grow their talent like this platform help many women to achieve their dreams.


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