Priyanka Pal

Miss Generation 2024 - Finalist's Profile

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    MA in Visual Arts and Curatorial Studies, NABA Milano
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About yourself

I am an artist basically, I like to do paintings and trying to make it my profession. I am very calm as person and like to spent my time alone with my family, but am friendly. At present is going my hard time, finding jobs, my last semester study etc. I’m so lucky that I get family support in everything. I like modeling and singing too.

Why you applied for Miss Generation beauty pageant ?

I like to represent myself to world as a model, as a influencer. I think there is no age limit to show your beauty in the world. For beauty have no boundaries of race, color and age. Every age is perfect just need to care of our own health and mind. I applied to miss generation for experience diversity with other contestants and develop inner self. I want to influence the others women who are afraid or dominant themselves in the pressure of family. I want to be role model to them to show that womens are not weak, we are so powerful in this world, nothing is powerful than a mother. When a woman became a mother then no-one can bit them. So why we hide in veil of society, we can do everything, we take care of everyone and self too. Am feeling very proud to be an women and it should be. In my culture an women is the core of power, we have several powerful women GOD but in reality women are too much dominant, home violence, rape is regular. So, I want to represent that in the world women are so powerful, they should raise their voice against any kind of violence and build themself strong.

Interests. Plans for the future and your dreams ?

I have interest in modeling who don’t want to be famous. With this I have main plan to promote my artistic creativity to the world. After graduation am planning to do research in art history and open my own studio gallery. Want to exhibit my work international platforms. Art is visual language that influences in our social, political and environmental aspects. I have dream to create something unique that will be impact in art history. God has gifted me artistic activities so I want to use it properly.


PRIYANKA PAL for MissSocial Media 2024

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