Naima Tahlil

Miss Generation 2020 - Finalist's Profile / Miss Popularity 2020

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    Care assistant
  • Single / Married

Interests. Plans for the future and your dreams ?

I have a huge passion to help children who are suffering around the world. I have carried out my passion by participating in charity work for the last 4 years and I want to use my voice to get better education systems for children and young adults around the globe.

Why you applied for Miss Generation beauty pageant ?

Throughout my life, I have been drawn to support and motivate others.

Ever since I was younger,I’ve had low self-esteem. It got even worse when I had my children because I gained a lot of weight. I became very ill and the doctor told me that I have a condition that doesn’t make it easy for me to lose weight. But I stepped out of my comfort zone, picked myself up and lost all that weight. During that, I found my love for fitness and want help others .

Now I want to show the world that nothing can stop you from achieving your goals. I believe that we can grow outside of the condition that we were built in and create our own story.



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