Karina Górska

Miss Generation 2020 - Finalist's Profile

  • Candidate's No.
  • Age
  • City
  • Current job
    Positive Behaviour Support Worker
  • Single / Married

Interests. Plans for the future and your dreams ?

I’m really passionate about my work, I work for a charity organisation supporting autistic children and their families, also I volunteer for other charities raising money at the local shops and taking part in charitable events, I find it all very rewarding and I absolutely love it.

I love spending quality time with my two wonderful children and my dogs, love planning various activities and fun things to do together whilst making each of them feeling important, loved and special.

I like fashion especially the retro and vintage style

I love this era of clothing as it’s colourful and you feel so good when you wiggle in a 50s style dress

I’ve always been interested in clothes and fashion as a child I was always painting and cutting my clothes into different shapes and designs, once I even made a top from a cushion cover. I’m still able to make and create some basic items but my dream is to progress and design more.

Why you applied for Miss Generation beauty pageant ?

I wanted to challenge myself in walking in high heels because it’s definitely something I am not good at!

There are stretch marks and wrinkles on my body but I’m here to say I’m not embarrassed of it because being a mum it’s the best thing that ever happened to me.



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