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Thera are three main titles in our competition:

– Miss Generation – main title

– Ageless Beauty Queen

– Princess of The Year  

So … We’re looking for elegant women aged 40-55, as well as young adult women aged 25-40 who want to experience adventures and take part in creating a beautiful pageant – Miss Generation.

You can have children, a husband, a tattoo, short hair, long hair,  you can be plus size etc. We are looking for women living in the UK, who seem to think that the chance to be a “Miss” has passed.

All applications will be carefully reviewed, and if you qualify for the next round, you will be notified by e-mail or telephone within a week or two.

Please fill in the application very carefully, paying special attention to the correct e-mail address and telephone number !

(Like every year there is a £50 administration fee for all applicants which must be paid ASAP after registration. PLEASE NOTE: The fee is non-refundable (except rejection of application, If for any reason we decide that we are unable to cooperate with you this year – your payment will be refunded. The fee is non-refundable in the event of your resignation at any stage of the competition or applications).

The Miss Generation 2022 Gala, attended by the public, celebrities and media, will take place in the end of January 2023 at London venue followed by rehearsals, photoshoots etc.

IMPORTANT ! The candidate may not simultaneously take part in another beauty contest due to a conflict of interest and promotional activities.

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