Ella Vine

Miss Generation 2019 - Finalist's Profile / Miss Personality 2019

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  • Age
  • City
  • Current job
    Founder and Director at Ella Vine Lingerie, Chief Operating Officer at the Global Kidney Foundation
  • Single / Married

Interests. Plans for future and your dreams?
Ella Vine: three-times Polish chess champion, entrepreneur founder of Ella Vine Lingerie and charity ambassador. Interests/ dreams: Since my teens I have been working for many charity causes, saving thousands of people’s lives and working as CEO for large national health charities. I’m an entrepreneur, founded Ella Vine lingerie brand, invented and patented poppy suspenders. Beauty comes from within, from the inside and it shines through to the outside and by taking part in Miss Generation I want to underline that all women are beautiful no matter the size, age, body shape and life experiences.

Why you applied for Miss Generation beauty pageant ?
I believe beauty is on the inside, not just on the outside. It is the beauty on the inside that matters most and this is my message by taking part in this pageant. I want to give all women confidence – no matter how old you are, what’s your size, body shape, what you have been through in your life – you are worthwhile and beautiful inside and out. It is a celebration of the feminine beauty and the goodness and qualities within us – as this is what makes us truly beautiful.



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